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How to install the Virtuallio Time Tracker in Windows

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Step 1: Click the download button for the Windows installer of the Virtuallio Time Tracker.

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Step 2: Open the Virtuallio.exe file to start the installation process.

Note: Since our app is new, you might receive a security notification during the installation process. Simply click ‘More Info’ then the ‘Run anyway’ button to proceed.

Oh, and don’t worry — we’ve built a 100% safe software. 😉


  • Step 2.1: Click ‘More Info’ then ‘Run anyway’.
  • Step 2.2: Read the License Agreement. Then click ‘I agree’ and ‘Next’ until you arrive at the last part of the set up.
  • Step 2.3: Finally, click ‘Install’.

Step 3: You can now start using the Virtuallio Time Tracker!

Happy working!
~ The Virtuallio Team

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