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Everything You Need to Track Time With Your Remote Team

Manage your remote team using our time tracker with screenshots, activity scoring, timesheets, and more.

Time Tracker
Activity Rate

Accurate Time Tracking

Our time tracking feature tracks time by the second. No need to worry about excess time input by your team.

It’s as simple as pushing a button. Press start to track time. Pause if you need a break. And stop when you’re done for the day.

Capture Screenshots

The HireBros Time Tracker randomly captures screenshots of your employees’ computer screen so you know exactly what they’re working on. 

The default number of screenshots is 1 per 15-minute session. However, you can change the screenshot frequency from x1 to x4 per session in the Member Settings page.

Privacy concerns? No problem. You can enable the blur screenshots option or simply turn off this feature.

Activity Scoring

The HireBros Time Tracker measures the user’s activity level by monitoring their keyboard presses, mouse clicks and movement.

You can view this information on your Screenshot Reports page. There, you’ll see cards that displays the activity level as well as the number of mouse and keyboard activities per session.

Your team’s activity levels are also displayed on your Dashboard and Timesheet Reports page.

Timesheet Reports

Your Timesheet Reports gives you a quick overview of all employee hours.

You can check their total tracked hours for the day, week, or month. And in one click, you can proceed to the Screenshot Report page of the selected time.


Automatically calculate each of your team member’s earnings based on their rate and hours worked. You can then proceed to your payment processor to send your team’s salary.

Here, you pay on your own terms, with no additional charges from us. Yep, that’s a 0% transaction fee.

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Get the most out of your team with these features

Progress Reports

When your employee is done working for the day, they can submit a Progress Report straight from the time tracker app for quick and easy reporting. Use this feature to keep track of results, not just time.

Weekly limit

By default, the work time per member is unlimited. However, you can prevent excess time tracking by setting a maximum number of work hours for each member. Users will be notified as soon as they’ve reached their weekly limit.

Payment Reports

Need to see a summary of the payments you need to send to your team? Or maybe a record of past transactions? You can access all these and other billing information on this page.


When a user has gone inactive or forgot to resume tracking, the app gently reminds them to get back to work or press ‘Start Tracking’

Offline mode

Users can continue tracking even if they lost their internet connection. All data are temporarily saved in their local storage while they work in offline mode. And once the connection is restored, all the data will be sent to our servers.

Pause and Play

Need a break? Just click Pause! And if you’re ready to get back to work, press Play. No need to stop and start all over.

Idle Time

Being inactive for at least 3 minutes will decrease the activity score and notify the user. Once it extends to 15 minutes, the session will be labeled as idle activity in the Screenshot Reports page.

Secured Data

The screenshots and other data collected by the app are stored in a server protected by SSL encryption. This means your data are kept private and secured.

Configuration Options

Easily modify work-related settings so you can adjust to your business demands. 

You can edit the following configurations so you can work with your team more seamlessly and effectively:


Enable/disable users

Adjust weekly limit

Set timezone

Edit member rates

Allow/disallow screenshot feature

Change screenshot frequency

Enable/disable screenshot blur


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“I use Testimonial Generator often. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! I’m good to go. “


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“I use Testimonial Generator often. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! I’m good to go. “


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