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The easy way to track time, measure activity, and boost productivity in remote teams!

Get more done in less time.

The Virtuallio Time Tracker is a light desktop application that captures screenshots and measures mouse and keyboard activity.

Most importantly, it allows you to track work hours to the minute. Now, you can sit back and relax while the app does all the tracking.

Simple and easy to use

The Virtuallio Time Tracker is designed to be as simple as possible. Just log in, pick a client, and start working. It’s as easy as pressing a light switch.

Convenient and non-interruptive

We know you like to focus, so we made sure it won’t get in your way — just dock it in one corner and go.

Lightweight and awesome

It only uses a tiny bit of resources in your computer, you won’t even feel like it’s there. Plus, it works on both high or low-end computers so compatibility isn’t a problem.

Other features

Manage Users

Manage all your users in one place

Disable and Blur Screenshots

Disable or blur screenshots for employee privacy

X1 – X4 Screenshots

Adjust screenshot frequency from 1x – 4x

Payment Reporting

Get automatic and accurate payment reports

Weekly Limit

Set a weekly limit on work hours


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