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How to Get an Endless Stream of Blog Post Ideas

Let’s be real: as much as we love getting our creative juices flowing, some days might feel like we’ve bled our brains dry. We’re all just humans, anyway — we can only think up of so many great ideas before we’re threatened by a blank Google doc again. This is especially challenging for content marketers. An easy way around this problem is to have a step-by-step process in finding the best ideas online. And that’s exactly what we’ll tackle in this blog! This guide will teach you where to look and how to spot the best topics for your business.

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Reader Persona

Do you want to know the secret to writing great content? Believe it or not, you don’t need to have years of writing experience up your sleeve. Nor do you have to pore over a thesaurus to know the best words out there. While those two are great and can definitely give you an edge, this one thing is also incredibly important: You need to know your readers very well. Inside and out. See, who you’re writing to matters a bit more than how you write. Of course, you should still have considerably good writing skills… …but without a clear

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5 Productivity Hacks With A Time Tracking Software

Managing a team of freelancers? Surely, thinking about their productivity is part of your daily responsibilities. You can’t help but wonder… Are they spending time on the right tasks? And are they completing tasks on time? Good news is, a time-tracking app can help you answer these questions. But that’s not all, there are HUGE positive results to gain from using one, based on what companies have reported. But if you’re not yet convinced, let these 5 productivity hacks change your mind. Let’s dive in! 1. Benchmark your team’s performance Think about this for a second… people lose weight and

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How to Post on Instagram From Your Desktop

Have you ever wanted to post to Instagram from your desktop but realized that… you can’t? Well, those days are over. With a simple trick, you can now upload to Instagram from your web browser. Yep, that’s right — straight from your desktop! This feature is originally meant for mobile browsers, but you can take advantage of it too on your computer with just a few clicks! According to Instagram, “ (accessed from mobile) is a web experience optimized for mobile phones. It’s designed to help people have a fuller experience on Instagram no matter what device or network they

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15 Expert Tips on Building a High-Performing Remote Team

So now you’re ready to get to the next level. But then you realize, managing a remote team is HARD. There’s a lack of communication. Everyone on your team highly depends on you. …And you’re filling in for those who can’t do things right. It feels like everything is gonna fall apart any second now. We’ve all been there. But here’s the brutal truth: Everything that happens in your business stems from the top. If you want to fully reach the next level of business growth, you need the right knowledge and skills. You’re in luck! Because in this post,

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